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Richardson, Pamela or virtue rewarded, Londres, J. Wallis, 1813

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PAMELA, | OR, | VIRTUE REWARDED: | IN | A SERIES OF LETTERS | FROM | A BEAUTIFUL YOUNG DAMSEL TO HER PARENTS. | PUBLISHED IN ORDER TO CULTIVATE THE PRINCIPLES OF VIRTUE AND | RELIGION IN THE MINDS OF THE YOUTH OF BOTH SEXES. | A NARRATIVE, | Which has its foundation in truth, and at the same time that it agreeably enter | tains, by a variety of curious and affecting incidents, is entirely divested of | all those images which, in too many pieces calculated for amuse- | ment only, tend to inflame the minds they should instruct. | [Filet] | By SAMUEL RICHARDSON. | [Filet] | TO WHICH ARE PREFIXED, | EXTRACTS FROM SEVERAL CURIOUS LETTERS | WRITTEN TO THE EDITOR ON THE SUBJECT. | [Double filet] | London: | PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY | J. WALLIS, 77, BERWICK STREET, SOHO. | [Tiret] | 1813. 591 pages, deux colonnes par page. Volume broché. Sept gravures placées en suivant en tête du volume.

Mr B. surprend Pamela écrivant à ses parents (Pamela, 1813 Front.)

Notice n° A1225